The Druze is a religious community mostly in Lebanon, Syria, Israel, and Jordan, in which they have status as a separate religious community with a unique religious based court system. Druze communities are also in the US, Canada, Australia, Latin America, Europe, and West Africa. The overall Druze population is approximately one million; there are about 20,000 in the US. The largest concentration of Druzes in the US is in Southern California. Druze classify themselves as Arabs, Islamic, and monotheists, however other believers of Islam do not consider them Muslim. Arabic is the primary language spoken and cultural and social patterns of the Druze are alike the rest of the Arab world. Women are regarded to be spiritually superior to men. Typical dress of Druze women includes: an optional white veil (al-mandil) worn on the head, covering the hair, mouth, and sometimes the nose, long ankle-length skirts, and black shirts. The men wear white turbans, dark clothes, mustaches, and shaven heads.

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